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Listening is a new way to exploring the Jura landscapes.

In the Jura Mountains, there is a popular saying: “Listen and you’ll see…”. Although it’s a funny expression which may sound a little odd to linguists, it does in fact offer valuable advice about how to better discover the Jura Mountains. Listening becomes a new way of exploring through sound, its strolls, its wanderings, its freedom…

The refreshing murmur of water, the happy movement of insects, an axe striking a tree being felled, muffled steps in the snow, the jingle of bells of a herd, the cry of a lynx, the singing of the Western capercaillie, the caress of a breeze over a field before the haymaking season and the call of the fox are among the beautiful sounds of the Jura.


Stop and Listen…

The soundtrack of nature often reveals what the eyes don’t see. The Jura Mountains provide listening spots which have a rare intensity; for example, a particularly resonant limestone environment, complete with faults and hollows, creates sound that penetrates the karst and plant life. The regional Natural Park of Haut-Jura has made a list of these spots, just like they have done for viewpoints. Thanks to their location on the edge of a rocky rift, for example, these “listening spots“, have a panoramic 360° auditory “view”, which makes a distant event sound like it is close by.


…and Listen Again

Then come the “one-off listening spots”, which are identified by their ability to create echoes. These real, natural auditoriums, closely recreate the sounds of climate phenomena and wildlife, as well as amplifying any human events that take place there.


Sixty sites are listed as a result, including Combe de Malatrait in La Pesse, Muras in Moussières, Combe de Leschères, Combe du Berbois in La Pesse, the Flumen Gorges in Septmoncel, as well as Bouchoux’s listening spot, among others.


The Regional Natural Park of Haut-Jura can provide you with a practical guide to acoustic sites, which suggests guided hikes where you can experiment with echoes to your heart’s content. Musicians, bring your instruments!


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