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Ideal for Discovering Underground Life

The Baume-les-Messieurs cave is one of three caves in Jura, along with the Planches cave and the Moidons cave. Its easy access makes it ideal for a family outing, especially if it is your first time caving. Discovered in 1610, the cave is around 30 million years old, and was created over the years by water rushing through and widening tiny cracks in the Jura plateau.


Discover the Cave and its Surroundings

There is so much more to see than the concretions. The Baume-les-Messieurs cave features several large “rooms” with soaring ceilings up to 80 metres high, containing stalactites, stalagmites and cave curtains. As the cave floods in winter, it becomes a refuge for bats. The cave’s exceptional setting, at the bottom of the Baume-les-Messieurs blind valley, is just a short distance from the village and its magnificent Abbey. The Dard River springs from the cave, where the Baume-les-Messieurs waterfall emerges.


An Easy-Access Cave

It is located 120 metres underground, and covers a 2,500 metre area. The temperature in the cave is around 13 degrees Celsius, which is very refreshing when it is hot outside. Get yourself kitted out with some good shoes and warm clothes and come and explore this typical Jura Mountain cave. The visit takes about 45 minutes.


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