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A Visit to the Dawn of Time

The visit starts on board a small train, which takes visitors to the cave’s entrance. Then, you will continue your journey on foot. Simply follow the dried-up river bed, and enjoy the spectacular path. During your visit, you’ll see a series of concretions which look like statues. For example, stalactites, stalagmites and other limestone figures line the path like extraordinary illusions and shadows. Further along, after the monumental 60 metre-high porch, your curiosity will be sparked by the panoramic viewpoint overlooking the blind valley of Cerdon, before you return to the surface. After this underground visit, lively educational workshops are available for children to give them a taste of using fire, spear hunting and archaeological excavation techniques.


A History of Sudden Developments

Prehistoric humans were the first to discover the Cerdon Caves. They went there to store their game, using the cool and constant temperature to keep it fresh. Later, in the 1930’s, a cheese maker used the site to mature his cheeses, particularly the Bleu de Gex, and designed an entire conservation system for it. It wasn’t until much later that the cave was adapted so that the general public could visit it. After several adjustments, it is now one of the largest tourist sites in Ain and the Jura Mountains.


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