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The Comtois Horse

Its dark or copper chestnut coat, its blonde mane and its robust build are easy to spot. The Comtois horse is a calm companion, whose career has been broadly defined by its rustic and resistant character. It almost disappeared from our grasslands due to military operations and the kings’ whims when it served as a war horse under Louis XIV and Napoléon I. It wasn’t until the 20th century that a handful of impassioned conservationists decided to save our Comtois. In 1919, the Comtois Horse Committee and the breed’s Stud Book were created. Today, it is the top French draft horse, with a Comtois horse museum completely dedicated to it. However, more importantly, these horses have happily returned to the fields here, to the great delight of their admirers who never tire of watching them run through the meadows of this watchmaking country


The Montbeliard Cow

The ancestor of our beautiful and generous dairy cow arrived in the  Montbéliard region in the 18th century. It arrived with the Mennonites, who were exiled from the Bernese Oberland and were fleeing religious persecution. The Montbeliarde (descended from Red Pied cattle), was recognised as a breed in 1889, and has been growing in popularity ever since. Commonly found in its original birthplace, its round, red and white figure can be seen walking through our grasslands. It must be said that it enjoys an excellent menu here, with an endless variety of small flowers and fresh herbs, which lend all their distinctive qualities to the iconic cheeses of the Jura Mountains, most of all to Comté cheese.

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