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It is easy to spot stags, deer, hares and wild boar which dwell (and can sometimes be a little intrusive) in our woods. Although still quite rare and very discreet, it is also possible to spot lynx, which were reintroduced in 1974 and have been able to find their place in the forest. The acrobatic chamois, is little less shy and populates the steep slopes of the hills! If you haven’t managed to find one just around the corner, adjust your binoculars and look carefully at the rocks surrounding the Château-de-Joux.


Look Up!

Don’t let go of your binoculars, but simply look up to the sky to see a peregrine falcon in flight. It mostly nests in the Cirque d’Orvaz cliffs in Belleydoux or in the Loue Valley. Insects buzz noisily through the flowers as soon as the very first warm days arrive, enjoying an endless wealth of flowers. Among them are a few iconic species, such as the Apollo, the most beautiful butterfly.


Rare and Iconic

Also rare and remarkable specimens, the Tengmalm’s owl and European pygmy owl have taken up residence in the tall conifer forests. In the dry grass, you may come across the red-backed shrike. This ferocious and shrewd passerine bird impales its “victims” (mainly insects, don’t worry!) on wild rose thorns and barbed wire. Finally, we have the Western capercaillie (wood grouse). Legendary. It has been placed under a biotope protection order since 1992, which controls human activities in the mountain range, and promotes the habitat and tranquillity of the timid tetraonidae family(including grouse). In addition, the distinctive song of the Spruce Grouse continues to ring out through the wooded meadows of the Jura!

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