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Closer Protection

The variety of mountains, climate and the still and running waters that supply the Jura mountain range determine the variety of biotopes. As they are a Natura 2000 protected zone and a Natural Zone of Ecological Fauna and Flora Interest (ZNIEFF), measures to protect the extraordinary plant heritage have been increased in the Jura Mountains.


An Ode to Biodiversity

Among the mountain range’s emblematic plant species which colour it like in an impressionist painting, you can find many types of orchids, including the famous Cypripedium calceolus (lady’s slipper) orchid, the Martagon lily and the Gentiana lutea (great yellow gentian), which grow in mountain pastures and in dry grasses, where limestone escarpments are present on the surface. Magic! These colourful meadows are the favourite grazing areas for the iconic species of the Jura Mountains: the Comtois horse and the Montbeliarde cow, whose flower-scented milk lends all its flavours to Comté cheese.


Drosera and Morels

Souvenirs from ice ages long ago, the peatland and marshes are overflowing with treasures such as the wonderful collections of aquatic and peat mosses, the long ears of Molinia caerulea (purple moor-grass), the luxurious mountain ranges of pink andromeda, calluna and other types of heather including bell heather. The peatland is wetter and is populated with purple marshlocks and marsh clover. All around, birches and mountain pines rise up, as relics of a colder past. It’s here that the drosera still remains, a carnivorous plant with captivating charm. And then, when March’s thunder rumbles, morel lovers hurry into the woods. But mountain dwellers would sooner die than share their secret mushroom foraging locations!

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