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A Chaotic Geological Origin

Here, the karstic structure of the limestone cliffs offer plenty of great hiking opportunities. With its waterfalls, canyons, rifts, and cliffs, we are truly in the heart of the Folded Jura. Sculpted by the running water, and all the more chaotic for it, the surrounding mountains contain almost thirty hollows. Overlooked by 3 rocky panoramic viewpoints, the village of Cerdonis also home to 20 fountains and is a highlight of this well-known vine growing area, part of the Bugey Wine Region


A Blind Valley Steeped in Great History

In 1998, Jean Becker chose the artisan copper-smelting site as the backdrop for one of the scenes of his film, Enfants du Marais. Although closed today, the use of copper still remains clearly visible in some of the village’s fountains. It is said that each evening, inhabitants take turns to light up the statue of the Carmiers Virgin, which overlooks the village. It is a ritual which also marks the area’s solemnity and echoes the Val d’Enfer, a central point for the Resistance located just a short distance from the village. It was in Cerdon that one of the first Resistance groups was formed to fight against the Nazi occupation.


Climb High to Enjoy the Best Panoramic Views

Other attractions encourage visitors to climb up to the heights, above the slopes. To start with, there are many hiking trails, or even rock climbing sites (90 routes), which lead towards the Saint-Alban rock. At Labalme, located above the blind valley, you will find the entrance to the Cerdon Caves.


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