Votre navigateur ne support pas le JavaScript / Your browser does not support JavaScript!La source de la Saine, une source intrigante et peu banale
The spring of the Saine, a spring unlike any other

After the village of Foncine-le-Haut, at the border of the Jura and Doubs departments, we find the spring of the Saine, the branch of the Ain which continues its journey over 19 kilometres before flowing into the Ain.


A protected area

The Saine is located within the perimeter of the Haut-Jura Regional Natural Park and enjoys excellent environmental protection. It is not to be missed by those who like fly fishing! The spring of the Saine, a “listed environmental site”, is also located in an incredible natural area well worth discovering.


A spring with special geological features

The spring is located on the flank of the Bayard, which offers many lush pastures bringing you relaxation and stunning landscapes. Gushing out of a complex underground field, the Saine originates from a stony bed, or a chasm in a period of heavy rain. A signposted path with thematic tables will satisfy the curiosity of children of all ages about the unspoilt wildlife and vegetationin the Jura Mountains.


A tumultuous journey in the heart of the Jura Mountains

After this somewhat turbulent spring, the Saine continues its path dotted with caves and gorges, including the impressive waterfall and gorges of the Langouette.


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