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In the hollow of a blind valley characteristic of the Jura mountain range, stands the transparent, turquoise water of the Chalain Lake. This glacial lake, with a surface area of 232 km², is shaped like a vast rectangle, curled up at the foot of limestone cliffs that stand 60 to 80 metres high above the water. It is an ideal stop-off for bicycle touring enthusiasts.


Relaxing and Bathing

When the warm weather arrives, it’s difficult to resist diving into the clear, warm water of the Chalain Lake. On the eastern edge of the lake, nestled between forests and cliffs, there is a lovely beach. Those who enjoy a family swim will find the perfect place right here, and those who like active pastimes will appreciate a refreshing dip after a hike or mountain biking.

Lakeside Resort

A coveted destination for holidaymakers since the 1960’s, Chalain was equally popular with tribes (although a bit more primitive) from the Neolithic period. The ruins of a lakeside dwelling, renovated in 1904, are indicative of a human presence on the western side of the lake between 4,000 and 750 BC, which was there until the end of the Bronze Age. This archaeological treasure can be seen from the riverbank, but is inaccessible to the public for obvious safety reasons.


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