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Genin Lake, A Surprise

Genin Lake is so well hidden that you would never guess that it was there until you were almost upon it. Even though it is situated at an altitude of 830 m in a karstic dip, this lake has been well-known for a very long time.


A Classified Natural Site

Classified as a natural site since 1935, Genin Lake is intriguing. Hidden in the heart of a clearing lined with pine, spruce and beech trees, it almost looks like the Canadian countryside as the seasons change. The calmness of the area and the serenity it emanates are hardly disturbed by the activities pursued there. To start with, you can swim and take long summer siestas on the lush grass. There are quiet spots for fishing (pike, carp, trout and others), and in winter there is skating and even ice diving.


Genin Lake Awaits Exploration

The Genin Lake is a good starting point for many hiking and mountain biking trails, but it is just as well-known for being a revitalising spot where people spend time as a family. How can you not give in to temptation on the Logis de France Inn’s terrace, which has been run by generations of master roasters?


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