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Nantua, A Lake of Many Colours

From up high, the view is striking. The 141 hectares of the Nantua Lake shine in the setting sun, hinting of the glacial origin of a lake inserted like a diamond between the high, precarious limestone cliffs. Historic rock slides such as the 12,000-tonne slide of the Colonne in August 1973, have contributed to the site’s reputation. Below, the outline of the Clunisian style abbey-church emerges above the Catholard estate, just steps away from the shore.


Freshwater Hobbies

A good forty metres deep, this colour-changing lake becomes a sought-after summertime destination for aquatic activities in a natural setting. First and foremost, you can bathe on the safe, well-kept beaches (July and August), or go sailing, canoeing, water skiing or even on a pedalo ride. For fishing enthusiasts, the largest lake in Ain is a particularly popular spot. Officially designated as an Ain Pêche fishing location, it is known for its great variety of fish including pike, trout, whitefish and other types of white fish.

Moreover, its location in a karstic setting offers opportunities for other typical mountain pursuits, for example, many hiking trails begin at the lake. Those who simply enjoy rambling can go on foot or you can take your mountain bike.


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