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Between Mountains and Valleys

The river begins its 453 kilometre course in Mouthe in Haut-Doubs and flows between mountains and valleys, indulging in a small getaway in Switzerland along the way.


Nordic Landscapes

Following the path of the river, there is a valley full of character just waiting to be discovered. The Doubs goes past the Saint-Point Lakebefore reaching the town of Pontarlier. Before the impressive gorges of Entreroches, the river permeates the karstic mountain range, only to re-emerge at the source of the Loue. Downstream, the river becomes calmer as it approaches Morteau, where the landscape turns into a fjord, before everything speeds up again with the impressive Doubs Falls.


A Cross-Border River

After the Châtelot Dam, the French-Swiss Doubs Valley and the village of Goumois, the river enters Switzerland, only to return to France towards Saint Hyppolite. The river then flows through a calm mountainous area towards Montbéliard in Besançon, before continuing to Dole. Then it finally leaves the Jura region and re-joins the Saône. The Doubs is well-known for having nearly 200 kilometres of navigable routes. As a result, river tourism dominates this valley.

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