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Landscapes: A Source of Inspiration for Painter Gustave Courbet

The source of the Loue lies near Ouhans in Doubs, and is considered to be one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe for fly fishing. The Lison emerges in Nans-sous-Ste-Anne at the bottom of a cave after traveling a long distance underground. After 25 kilometres of twists and turns, the Lison flows into the Loue.


Land of History and Culture

The valley offers a route full of discoveries and essential stop-off points with a large number of unique villages. These are often small, characterful Comtois towns, which are an intrinsic part of the Jura landscape. The stretch between the source of the Loue and the Ornans is particularly outstanding. There are many panoramic views along the road which overlooks the steep-sided gorges of Nouailles, which give you the chance to appreciate the wild beauty of this valley.

After Ornans, the homeland of famous painter Gustave Courbet, the river reaches Cléron, where a reflection of the castle dances on the water. Finally, it continues its route peacefully up to the Royal Salt Works of Arc-et-Senans, registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Other Points of Interest

For those who enjoy a white water challenge, it is possible to descend through the valley in a canoe or kayak.


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