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A 100% Natural Waterfall

Located at the bottom of the blind valley of Baume-les-Messieurs, one of the most famous parts of the Jura Mountains, the waterfall is remarkable in many ways. The waterfall’s water comes from the Dard, an underground river, which bursts out of the ground after a turbulent path through the heart of the caves.

The water that flows here is pure and clear, and enters into a light, green environment, creating beautiful colours.

One of this waterfall’s distinctive features is the geological composition of the rocks that form the waterfall’s reliefs. Formed by travertine, which has an extremely high calcium content, it has a light, changeable appearance.



Accessible All Year Round

The waterfall is accessible throughout the year via a trail. In the rainy season, an abundant amount of amount of water flows over the falls. In winter, the freezing water leads to the formation of impressive ice sculptures. In spring, when the snow melts, the spectacle is just as audible as it is visual, with the deafening noise of the water as it bursts from the ground.


A Walking Area

Visitors can take several different hiking trails from the waterfall, allowing them to discover a few of the natural treasures of the Jura Mountains. These hikes are suitable for both beginner and experienced hikers.


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