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A Breath-taking Walk

Located in the heart of the Lakes Region, the source of the Hérisson lies at Saut Girard where it begins its 3.7 km path, strewn with waterfalls and cascades. The falls can be accessed via three different roads; from the bottom, via Doucier; halfway up, via Bonlieu; or from the top, via the Hameau de la Fromagerie (Cheese-Making Hamlet). These various options allow you to adjust the length of your walk. Along the route, take the time to stop and listen to the peaceful sound of the water, which runs to Le Gour Bleu or to the falls of the Forge. You can also gaze at the impressive waterfalls of Saut de l’Eventail (65 metres high), or Grand Saut (65 metres high).


A Rich History

Until the middle of the 20th century, the Hérisson valley was densely populated. People settled there to use the driving force of the water, as well as the rich natural resources of the area including iron ore, cereals and wood. The Jacquand Mill, the Garnier Castle, the Falls of the Forge and the house of Saut Girard are all places that bear testimony to the region’s long history of tradesmanship.


A Preserved Site

Since 2002, the Hérisson falls have been classified under “landscape protection” in order to preserve this part of the Jura Mountain. This is why the site can only be accessed on foot, with a good pair of shoes. To find out more, visit the Waterfalls House, where you can learn all about the waterfalls, their history and their legends. It is also accessible to people with reduced mobility.


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