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The Doubs River: One of the most visited sites in Franche-Comté

The River Doubs, taken from the Latin “dubius”, was named by Julius Caesar for its indecisive behaviour. It springs from a 55 metre-deep cavity, located close to Mouthe, at the foot of Mont Risoux. The temperature of the water flowing from the hole never exceeds 6 degrees Celsius, and remains very clear, whatever the weather. Where the water comes from before the source remains a mystery, and a good number of speleologists have attempted to solve it. This area is reputed to be the coldest place in France. However, it is a dry cold, which is after all, very healthy!


Although it is a popular tourist destination in the Jura Mountains, the source and its surroundings remain highly protected and preserved. It is lovely to go for a walk there in the afternoon, to discover and learn about this natural site.



Strolls and Hikes

Take the educational nature trail, suitable for visitors of all ages, and discover the magic of the Jura countryside. This path, lined with themed signs on various topics, will take you on a tour not only of the source, but the peatland of Moutat as well, established on an ancient glacier site home to a rich variety of plants and wildlife, in the forest and the surrounding area. In addition, you can observe the source “from above”, thanks to the panoramic viewpoints which overlook it.


Let yourself be tempted by a 940 metre-high hike to discover the source of the Doubs, which then feeds into the Lake of Saint Point before stretching towards Pontarlier. It then continues its route towards the plains, via the basins and the Doubs falls.


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