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The First Natural Site to have been Classified in France

The source is where the Lison River begins, before it continues its 25 km route and enters the valley of the Loue.


The waterfall bursts from a cave which is large enough to enter and never runs dry. It is fed by water from the limestone plateau which overlooks it and by the many fissures which criss-cross the underground passages, which are typical of the karstic relief of the Jura.


A Haven of Peace

The source is a peaceful haven for both animal and plant species and is full of many splendid colours. Certain rare and endangered species seek refuge here, such as the Eurasian eagle-owl. The authentic beauty of the source of the Lison fully embodies the preserved landscapes of the Jura. A hiking trail leads to the source and the Creux Billard, an open-air chasm located nearby.

On the way back, take the self-guided path that links up to the impressive Sarrazine cave, an immense rocky porch measuring almost 100 metres high. Don’t forget to visit the edge-tool makers, an old factory making bladed items. This is a real legacy of Doubs’ industrial activity and has been granted the MTCC (Musée des traditions et cultures comtoises / Museum of Franche-Comté traditions and cultures) label. The most seasoned hikers can set out on an adventure over a spectacular Via Ferrata, which overlooks the village of Nans-sous-Ste-Anne, or go caving to discover every nook and cranny of this area has to offer.



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