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Get to Know Painter Gustave Courbet

The Loue River and its source are often associated with the painter Gustave Courbet, and inspired 13 of his paintings. Indeed, water holds an important place in his work, in the same way that it is an important part of the Jura Mountains. This is why the source of the Loue is one of the four must-see landmarks in the “Country of Courbet, Artist Country” project, which crosses the valley of the Loue and which enables you to understand the work of the painter.


The trail leading to the Loue, which includes a section of the medieval path descending from the village of Ouhans, offers a safe and rewarding walk up to the source. Thanks to extensive development work, visitors can now discover and enjoy this natural wonder.

To finish off your visit, take a moment to visit the house of the source, where you can find out about Courbet’s life as well as the story of how the source was discovered and changed. To give you an anecdote, in the early twentieth century, following a fire in an absinthe distillery in Pontarlier, it was discovered that the Loue is in fact a resurgence of the Doubs River, as, a few days after the fire, the water of the Loue had a distinct alcoholic scent.


The source, which is a beautiful destination both in summer and winter, gives families and solo hikers the opportunity to discover one of the wonders of the Jura landscape.


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