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The Birth of a Turbulent Waterway

It all begins at Conte, near Nozeroy, at an altitude of 700 metres. Water surges from the depths, with no backwash, in the form of an resurgence. Despite its calm appearance, the Ain source creates a turbulent mountain stream.


Source with a Thousand Faces

The source can be reached by a lovely wooded path, in both summer and winter. But the show is never the same twice! It changes with the season and the amount of rainfall has an impact on the flow. As a result, this Jura landscape is constantly changing. And when the source runs dry, potholers are delighted to delve 28 metres underground to reach the permanent body of water.


The Pertes de L’Ain, A Changing Landscape

After ten kilometres, the course of the river brings us to the Pertes de L’Ain, found in Bourg de Sirod, in a very deep and narrow gorge which funnels into the river. When the water is very strong, it fills the gorge and emerges with a deafening turbulence. A recently-improved, safe path brings hiking enthusiasts as close to the area as possible, which is even more impressive when the flow of water is strong.


After this very turbulent beginning, the Ain continues on its way, covering almost 200 kilometres. In particular, it crosses Bugey, where there is a recreational area suitable for canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts, before it plunges into the Rhône.


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