Votre navigateur ne support pas le JavaScript / Your browser does not support JavaScript!Les cascades du Flumen, une randonnée à ne pas louper.

Enjoy an unforgettable walk to the Flumen waterfalls

At the bottom of a very deep valley, dominated by more than 1,000 metre high mountain tops, the Flumen waterfalls are the must see feature. The water flows from the Lake of Lamoura and Hautes-Combes into the Flumen, river in Latin, infiltrating into fissured and split rocks to join the Tacon, branch of the Bienne after a journey of about 4 kilometres.


A preserved and easily accessible site

For the time of an afternoon, let us guide you on the signposted path to discover the waterfalls and the fantastic ever-changing colours of the Jura landscapes. Wear good walking shoes, take the single hiking path which leads to the waterfalls, and after about 1 hour’s walk, soak in the beauty of the main waterfall, which plunges from almost 20 metres height into a pool strewn with stones and greenery.

This easily accessible walk, is a good way to go looking for abundant wildlife and lush vegetation.


To be discovered in any season

In summer, the place is appreciated because it is bordered by the forest. It is kept cool during the hot summer. After a rainy period, the waterfall is a must-see because it becomes abundant and noisy. In winter, the waterfall freezes and leaves a silent and mysterious sight.


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