Votre navigateur ne support pas le JavaScript / Your browser does not support JavaScript!La cascade de Glandieu : 60 mètres de chute d’eau pour un lieu de rendez-vous romantique

A nice romantic evening

An evening at the foot of the Glandieu waterfall. The dull noise of the imposing 60 metres waterfall and its drizzle barely disturb the tranquillity of the place. A last couple of lovers sitting on the low stone wall enjoy the scene which is isolated from the world. It is a classic snapshot for a highly rated site in the region. The waterfall is easily accessible (the foot of the waterfall is located at the edge of the road in the hamlet of Glandieu, at the crossroads of Commons Brégnier-Cordon and Saint-Benoit in the Ain), and marks a spectacular transition from the Gland (small 1st category river of the Bugey area appreciated by fishermen) as it meanders towards the Rhone.


A great idea for taste and discovery

Nearby, other centres of interests deserve a detour, like the water trail (a walk of 7 km) or local crafts in the old marble works. Otherwise, those who enjoy the good things in life will undoubtedly enjoy a few vintages from the wines of the Bugey (AOC) in the gourmet places nearby.


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