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The main spring of the Cuisance river is located at the heart of the Reculée des Planches, a few metres higher up, and emerges from a limestone cliff through many caves, including the Grotte des Planches, hollowed out in the tuff, a limestone rock of sedimentary origin. This is where the name of the Cascade des Tufs comes from. On account of these many springs, several waterfalls flow into the pools of the Dard, presenting a splendid natural spectacle.


You reach the waterfall via an easily accessible hiking path and a landscaped path allows you to admire the pools opposite. On a sunny afternoon, let us guide you through these woods, where the sun rays pierce through the tree leaves, to discover the miracle of the Jura landscapes, where the water is once again the central element, and where blue and green are the dominant colours.

This hike is also accessible in winter, when the freezing cold Jura Mountains also provide fantastic views The waterfall freezes and creates really impressive icicles like stalactites and stalagmites.


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