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The forest, which covers two-thirds of the mountain range, has been here for over 7,000 years and its presence in the mountains is what gave the region its name. Jura, meaning “forest region”, derives from Celtic and it is indeed an area where spruces dominate the landscape.


An All Season Playground

From Spring to Autumn, the forests in the Jura Mountains offer an exceptional setting for hiking and mountain biking enthusiasts… Away from the summer heat, experience the fresh feeling that the undergrowth gives you. It’s also an ideal environment for wild mushroom foraging or for discovering wildlife. In winter, experience the Far North atmosphere; take the sled dog trails, go snowshoe hiking or cross-country skiing routes.




You Can Do Everything in the Woods!

The weather conditions, soil and exposure mean that the trees here grow very slowly, producing wood with a highly-sought-after density. Stringed instrument makers in particular prize its resonance.

But the woods also influence the life, work, surroundings, and even the diet of local residents. In addition to woodcutting and sawmill activities, the forest is a source of specialised trades. Roof makers guard their knowledge cleverly cut wooden boards used to protect the exteriors of houses exposed to the rain. Strap makers make straps by removing and cutting the inner bark from spruce trees which are then used to wrap up Mont d’Or type cheeses. These go hand in hand with salted meats smoked with resinous wood. Turners and cabinet makers are continuing the tradition of making tool handles, cooking utensils, toys, cases, chessboards and combs. However, you can also find pipe makers, woodworkers, with all their different types of boxes, watchmakers, and box makers who are experts in making drawers…


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