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Although it’s hard to believe, the evidence is clear as day, forever fossilised in the rock… The Jura Mountains were once a vast tropical beach where Diplodocus and his companions would have frolicked. That was 200 million years ago!


Jurassic Thrills

Just a hop, skip and a jump away, run and meet (almost) real life-sized dinosaurs in an amazing setting. Here, walking through the woods, you’ll bump into an even-tempered Brontosaurus, and over there, lurking in a clearing, you’ll find a Triceratops. A few steps further, it’s definitely him- the Tyrannosaurus Rex! He’s up on his hind legs and looks ready to attack. You shiver with fear (or happiness)… This isn’t a dream and you’re not watching one of Spielberg’s big-budget films, you’re at Dino-Zoo, a 12-hectare landscaped park bringing fascinating prehistoric fauna back from the dead amidst wonderful plant life. Dino-Zoo offers you a walking tour which takes you back to the dawn of time. It’s a fantastic experience for the whole family and is located just minutes away from  Besançon,  the Gouffre de Poudrey and Ornans.


Walking in the Tracks of Dinosaurs

In Loulle, near Champagnole, Plagne near Bellegarde sur Valserine and Coisia, south of Arinthod, excavations have unearthed dinosaur tracks. You’ll want to tiptoe through these three sites, so as not to trample on the paleontological treasures found here!


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