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Parc Polaire is located in Haut Doubs, more specifically in the forest of Risoux; a region sometimes nicknamed “Little Siberia“. The extremely low temperatures experienced throughout the winter and the untamed virgin landscapes give this place the magical feel of the Arctic. This is what inspired the designers of the aptly named Parc Polaire, which has been here since 1985.


Spirit of Greenland

The former mountain farm perched at an altitude of 1,200 metres in a natural conservation area is now home to some decidedly Nordic fauna including reindeer, tarpan horses, aurochs, yaks and Greenland huskies. Here we are, immersed in the pack– a completely different world!


Up close with Wild Animals

Recently designated a Parc zoologique (zoological park), the Parc Polaire in Chaux-Neuve can now welcome even more animals. Still wild, but from more northerly climes than the original Park residents, deer, bison, fallow deer and other wild sheep have arrived. Parc Polaire offers you the opportunity to get a glimpse of the lives of these secret animals, which roam almost freely here. The keepers are our guides, sharing anecdotes and fantastic stories about their four-legged protégés. A genuine joy for animal lovers and one to share as a family, of course!


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