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Ancient History

The origins of Baume Abbey are very old. The first traces of its existence date back to 869, when Abbot Berno founded the famous Abbey of Cluny. These two abbeys would work closely together for years, though not without difficulty. Baume-les-Messieurs wanted to maintain some independence, but tensions subsided after a split that took place at the end of the 18th century. In 1759, Baume Abbey was secularised and the monks left in 1790. Now designated a historic building, it belongs to a group of about fifteen owners, who look after its maintenance and organise guided tours, mainly when the weather is fine.


Remarkable Architecture and Furniture

Some elements of the abbey are typical of the first Romanesque art in the Jura, like the abbey church of Saint Peter. Inside, you can admire a wonderful Flemish altarpiece from the sixteenth century, gifted by the city of Ghent. It is one of the largest altarpieces in Europe. The church also has numerous funerary sculptures, such as slabs and tombs. The scale of the buildings in the unique natural site of the Reculée de Baume, (a blind valley of the Jura escarpment), tell us how grand the monastery complex and the abbey were.

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