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Ancient Origins

More commonly known as Cathédrale Saint-Pierre, the Saint-Claude Cathedral is actually dedicated to the three Apostles: Peter, Paul and Andrew. Located in the heart of the town of Saint-Claude, it was built between the 14th and 18th centuries. The plague, fires, and looting which affected the city led to financial problems that slowed down the construction of the building. Founded as an abbey, it was attributed the high rank of cathedral in the 18th century.




A Particularly Remarkable Piece of Architecture

Construction setbacks, did not however prevent a remarkable religious building from being created. Fortified, austere and rigorous in appearance, its Gothic interior will surprise you. The cathedral contains unexpected treasures including a splendid altarpiece dating from the 16th century in the Renaissance in style, a gift from the bishop of Geneva. The choir is decorated with magnificent stalls, considered to be among the most beautiful in France, some of which had to be rebuilt after the fire of 1983.

To protect the town’s heritage, the cathedral has been designated as a historical monument. After your visit, don’t forget to have a look at the abbey museum, just a few yards away. There you’ll find an art exhibition and the remains of the ancient abbey.

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