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You cannot cross the Jura Mountains without hearing the bells which tinkle merrily around the necks of our famous Montbéliarde cows. hey form an essential part of the soundtrack of the Jura Mountains. The bells are the product of ancestral expertise and local founders. Most of the cowbells you hear here have been stamped by Obertino. Obertino has homonymous founders, Jean & Son in Morteau and Charles in Labergement-Sainte-Marie, on the shore of  Lac de Remoray. Both pride themselves in perpetuating family traditions that started in 1931 for the former and 1834 for the latter.


The Obertino bell foundries are amongst the last remaining working foundries in France. The techniques which lend the bronze these unique forms and sounds never change. The decoration which adorns the gleaming bells produced here are also unique and specific to each founder. The elegance of these bells delights our very own Montbéliarde cows, but they are also exported to more distant countries. Bells from the Jura brighten the fields and homes of their four and two-legged fans in Switzerland, Norway, Africa and the United States.


You can visit our founder’s workshops, and it is always a magic moment when the bell is removed from the mould. Call bells, little bells, cowbells and chimes; whether they weigh just a few grams or several kilograms, each bell has a story to tell. They can be found in the shops… or around the necks of the cows in a nearby field. The very same ones who provide the milk for the famous Comté cheese!

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