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Bleu de Gex, a traditional cheese

Bleu de Gex is produced on a relatively modest scale and is perhaps the least well-known of cheese of the Jura Mountains. However, it is just as good as Comté, Morbier and Mont d’Or. Produced in the Hautes-Combes (high valleys) in the highest villages of the range above Saint Claude and Oyonnax, this raw milk cheese is characterised by its ivory-coloured pulp, its fine blue-green marbling, and its soft and slightly crumbly texture. The rind of the cheese bears its embossed signature: “GEX”.

Made with milk of Montbeliarde or Simmental cows, Bleu de Gex is a rustic cheese which respects tradition. It is symbolic of the expertise of mountain cheese-makers. Just like Roquefort, it owes its blue marbling to the introduction of penicillium roqueforti during the production process.


Flavours with Finesse

With a moderate intensity, Bleu de Gex is slightly fruity and has a subtle vanilla flavour. It also hides notes of spices and mushroom. Not so salty; rather refreshing. It will give you a pleasant surprise as a raclette. For the more daring amongst you who love sweet-savoury combinations, why not try the pear and Bleu de Gex tart recipe?


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