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Bresse Chickens, Raised at the Foot of the Jura Mountains

Bresse chicken is raised free-range in an open area of 3,500 km2, shared between the departments of Saone and Loire, Jura and Ain, a few kilometres from Revermont and Bugey. Since 1957, it has held the only appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) in the world for a gallinacean; this exceptional product is a staple of the Jura Mountains.


The Longer it’s Raised, The Better

Slow and steady wins the race: these chickens are fed Bresse grains and dairy products for several months in order to acquire their characteristic flavour. This method gives chickens, capons and hens from Bresse a moist and flavoursome meat, as well as an attractive fine skin.


Visit the Area to Try for Yourself

For food lovers, make the most of a stay in the Jura Mountains by trying a lovely Bresse chicken in vin jaune and morel mushrooms- a truly typical dish from this region. After this generous snack, the hills of the Revermont and the outline of the medieval Château des Allymes invite you to take a stroll …


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