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Comté, a story of Man and terroirs

If there is one gastronomic item you must not miss in the Jura Mountains, it is Comté cheese. This cooked, pressed cheese is primarily the result of the work of Man in harmony with the mountains and the landscapes that surround him. The abundant flora of the high pastures and meadows gives the milk from Montbéliarde cows its aromatic richness.


A Variety of Flavours

After its transformation at the cheese-making dairies, it’s in the cellars, during a ripening period of varying length, that these flavours take on their character, giving Comté its fruity, vegetable, animal, roasted, milky or spicy notes. The skill of the master refiner, who patiently salts and turns the cheese rounds, lies in identifying the stage of optimal maturity for each cheese, thus giving either a sweeter Comté ‘doux’ cheese, or a Comté ‘fruité’. Wandering down the Routes du Comté is still the best way to explore the secrets and stages of making this cheese, which was the first French cheese to receive the AOP distinction.


“Dinner is served! »

Comté can be enjoyed on any occasion, be it everyday or festive. It is essential for any cheese platter worthy of the name and is also used to make many dishes, from starters to main courses. Why not try out the recipe for ham chiffonnade with Comté tuiles?


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