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Cured Meats, A Variety of Flavours

Besides the very famous Morteau sausage, the cured meats of the Jura Mountains represent a wide variety of products resulting from the inventiveness of our ancestors when it came to preserving their food in preparation for the winter. Meats cured with salt, brine, cooked, dried or smoked in the traditional tuyés of the farms of the Haut-Doubs area- there are infinite methods for producing a palette of rich and unique flavours from the local terroir.


A True Basket of Goodies

Food lovers will be spoiled for choice between traditional ham, cured hams, cooked and smoked hams, ham on the bone, as well as the range of smoked pork and salted and smoked pork belly, better known as bacon. Even more original is brési (or bresi), a salted, smoked and dried beef. Added to this are the many variants of smoked or dried sausage, including sausage with cabbage and Montbéliard sausage.


“Dinner is served! »

So there’s something for all tastes, and there are many possible combinations to put on your raclettes and sauerkraut, or to give your apéritifs an authentic note – all accompanied by a bit of Comté and some Jura wine

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