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Mont d’Or, An Authentic Mountain-Style Cheese

Produced exclusively in the Haut-DoubsMont d’Or (also known as “Vacherin”), is a renowned cheese from the Jura Mountains. It owes its name to the summit of the hills on which it was first made. Compared to Comté, it appears to be of modest size; however it’s a veritable concentration of flavours and terroir.


Incomparable Flavours

It is produced only in winter, when the Montbeliarde cows enjoy the warmth of the barn. It owes its unique taste to the richness of the flora in the hay they eat. Added to this is a woody note coming from the spruce strip which encircles the cheese. The inner part of Mont d’Or is soft and fragrant. The bumps ins its thin rind are reminiscent of the local rolling hills of the mountains.


Something to Savour

Mont d’Or and its spruce casing add class to any cheese platter. It can be eaten with a spoon. But a pairing with Jura wine exceeds all other combinations. This exceptional cheese truly deserves the fame it has gathered with the “boîte chaude” or ‘hot box” fondue recipe. You will appreciate this gastronomic specialty even more after a good day of sledding in the Métabief resort, the home of Mont d’Or.


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