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Morbier – Comté’s Little Brother

Morbier is an intriguing cheese thanks to the layer of black ash found in the middle. It was originally made by farmers, and owes its name to the Jura town where it was first produced, which is not far from Saint-Claude and Morez. It was not until the year 2000 that it was awarded its noble title: Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée – AOC.


But what’s with this black layer?

During the process of transforming milk into Comté, farmers did not always have enough curds to finish a round. To avoid waste, they protected the surplus with a layer of ash until the next milking time. The following day, the next surplus was added on top, enclosing the black film in the middle of the cheese round. The traditional black layer in Morbier cheese still stands today. The ash, however, has been replaced by vegetable ash, which contributes to its unique fruity taste.


To Savour and Enjoy

Just like Bleu de Gex, Morbier brings an original touch to your raclettes. To make them even more sumptuous, you may want to add some cured meats from Haut-Doubs. It is also popular in “morbiflette” a Jura variant of tartiflette (a hearty mix of eggs, potatoes, bacon and cheese). A stay in the Jura Mountains is the perfect opportunity to explore the secrets of cheese on a visit to the cheese-making dairies.

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