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Morteau Sausage, the Terroir of the Jura Mountains

Morteau sausage is a staple of the gastronomy of the Jura Mountains. It consists of a natural casing, closed at one end by a small wooden clip and a flesh which is the result of a delicate balance between meat and pork fat. The animals used in its production are carefully selected and fed on whey, a by-product obtained when making Comté.


A Procession of Flavours

The subtle taste of Morteau sausage comes from a combination of spices and aromatic herbs – pepper, garlic, shallot, coriander, cumin, nutmeg, red or white wine from the Jura and a smoking process with juniper wood, fir and spruce. This process takes place in the famous Doubs tuyés (a traditional oven for smoking). This last production step not only delights the taste buds of those eating Morteau sausage, but also gives it an amber colour that is visually pleasing as well.


Worth investigating, in all its forms

Its large-format variant, the Jésu(s) de Morteau, is available for the hungriest amongst us. More irregularly shaped than its smaller cousin, it can sometimes have a core containing bits of pistachio. Once cooked, Morteau sausage is soft and mellow with a firm and juicy bite. While waiting to eat it in the Jura, why not try this gratin recipe for Morteau à la Cancoillotte?


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