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With 500 hectares spread across three production clusters, the Bugey wine-growing area is such a secret because it is so small. Secret and discreet yet warm and authentic, it is a reflection of the men and women who put their energy, passion and hard work into it: the winegrowers of Bugey. The vines here truly are acrobats: they cling to the steep sides at the far south of the Jura Mountains, to receive most benefit from both the earth and the sky.


Off the Beaten Track…

The Bugey Wine Route stretches out in five loops across three winegrowing areas: Cerdon, on the very steep south-facing slopes, Montagnieu, running from east to west across a slope that faces due south on the right bank of the River Rhône, and the Belley area, from the foothills of the Colombier Mountain to the banks of the Rhône. This diversity can be seen in the grape varieties and, of course, in the wines. These wines have recently been awarded “Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée” status, and they pair excellently with Bugey’s specialities: diot sausages, warm pâtés, Tome de Belley cheese, nutty tarts and savoury dishes.


… Sticking to the Back Lanes

The birthplace of the greatest Bugey gourmet, Brillat-Savarin, here the joys of wine and dining follow one another with effortless happiness. Experience easy living and savour a truly quaint route through the countryside; stopping to eat at our winegrowers and restaurants are among the daily delights. Generous southern mountain folk!


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