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More than just a cheese, Comté is part of the local heritage. In the old days, the harsh climate forced the country folk to plan how they were going to survive until the spring. Developing a cheese that kept for a long time was vital and it was achieved by pooling milk from several farms. This joint craft gave birth to the famous “fruitière” cheese dairies to produce Comté cheese and other equally delicious cheeses: MorbierMont d’or and Bleu de Gex.


An Organised Industry

A collective spirit lasts to this day and permeates the robust network of professionals on the westerly slopes of the Jura Mountains, from the far north of Doubs to the border with Ain.

The Comté industry is a group of 2,700 farms, 160 cheese dairies and 16 firms that ripen and market the cheese; it creates an annual output of 55,000 tonnes of Comté.


Intimately Comté

From the generous prairies that feed our Montbéliarde cows to the finest restaurant tables, from the breeding farms, traditional dairies and ripening cellars to the farming-related activities and workshops and the discovery of our landscape, the Comté Routes criss-cross the Jura Mountains. This bucolic, educational and gourmet trail tells us about the close links between a country and its king of cheeses.

Discover all the top tips and news about the Comté Routes on the website and at the Maison du Comté in Poligny.


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