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The GTJ organisation is first and foremost a terrific network of professionals. Their goal is to promote non-motorised hiking tourism in the Franco-Swiss Jura Mountains.


Connecting the Jura Mountains from north to south, from the Pays de Montbéliard in the Doubs as far as Bugey in the Ain, the Grandes Traversées du Jura are a real link joining the regions of Franche-Comté and Rhône-Alpes. Whether on foot (400 km), with cross-country ski (175 km), or snowshoes (135km), by mountain bike (380 km), bicycle (360-400 km depending on the variation), or on horseback (over 500 km), the Grande Traversée du Jura is an open invitation to take a winter or summer excursion through an authentically conserved yet untamed mountainous environment, which is not too far from civilisation.

Hiking the GTJ is a wonderful way to discover the activities of everyday life and business in the Jura Mountains. Activities, villages and places closely connected to nature and its treasures include wood craft, gastronomydistinctive local architecture and more.

However, hiking the GTJ above all means meeting people, such as mountain folk
who share their knowledge and love of life with you while you stop for a break, a snack or dinner. More than 150 accommodation owners are associated with the GTJ to ensure a friendly welcome and a quality stay.


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