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More than a trail, the wines of the Jura are now considered to be a network. A less linear and more winding route that is more akin to the actual configuration of the vineyards. Thus, the Vignoble du Jura (Jura Vineyards), forms closer links between the 6 designations, their picturesque villages and their winegrowers.


Unique Winegrowing Area

Four geographical AOCs (Arbois, Côtes-du-Jura, L’Etoile and Château-Chalon), two product AOCs (Crémant and Macvin), a string of villages clinging to the slopes of the Revermont in a narrow strip 80 km long and some 140 winegrowers who will happily open their cellars. There is plenty to explore to find out about what makes the greatest small French winegrowing area so unique and so great. The area features a concentration of 2,000 ha of vines, five grape varieties including three only found here (Savagnin, Poulsard and Trousseau), as well as maverick, determined and passionate wine growers. Beyond the wine cellars, the Vignoble du Jura network also offers restaurants, accommodation, local produce, local knowledge, leisure activities, noteworthy places and festivities (Percée du vin jaune, Biou, Trousseau and Poulsard festivals).


Vignobles & Découvertes (Vineyards and Discoveries) Stamp

This distinction awarded by the French Agriculture and Tourism Ministries recognises the Vignobles du Jura for their range of complementary tourism products related to vines and wines. There are over 100 businesses in the Jura who are all committed to high-quality practices to welcome tourists.


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