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Master Mariners


A Hint of the Riviera


Saint-Point, ClairvauxChalain,Vouglans, Nantua in Divonne-les-Bains, Massignieu de Rive, Cressin Rochefort or on the Ile Chambod, on the River Ain, and even the Lac Genin. As soon as beautiful weather arrives, hulls and sails return to many of the lakes and bodies of water in the Jura Mountains. These lakes suddenly look a little bit like the Riviera…


By Sail or Motor

Families and friends flock to the must-visit centres at Les Grangettes and Malbuisson on Lac de Saint-Point, the water sports centre in Bellecin on Lac de Vouglans, and the well-equipped water sports arena in Nantua to have fun and learn. You only have to watch the happy Optimist sailing camps following the training ship like ducklings. Nationally qualified instructors lead courses and training, ensuring effective learning in a safe environment. For something more leisurely and independent, you can hire windsurfing boards, catamarans, canoes, kayaks, pedalos and all manner of floating equipment from water sports centres and arenas. Naturally, there are rules and channels for this kind of traffic in order to preserve the nature and aesthetic appeal of our aquatic gems. Swimmers, pleasure boaters, windsurfers, rowers, sailors, birds and wild animals – there is room for everyone on the lakes.

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