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The Joy of Paddling


Tranquil and Reflective

Boating and paddling were made for the many rivers which run through the mountains. Whether you prefer a fast, sporty pace, plenty of foam and heady descents, or calm paddling that gives you time to think, there is something to suit all tastes, ages and abilities, once again. Set sail on the River Loue, for example, or canoe down the River Ain from Pont d’Ain to Priay. As a family or just the two of you, marvel at the leafy green and aqua blue as you sail through. The river is so gentle and peaceful. Get close to a grey heron busy fishing, see a brown trout as it weaves in between the rocks and watch the water as it occasionally shimmers when brushed by a willow branch. As your canoe drifts along the river, you will see fishing and hiking enthusiasts, surrounded by the green arched canopy.


Froth and Strength

Change of scene. And pace. Now we’re in the white water. On the Ain or the Bienne. Discover non-stop whirlpools, rapids, waves and eddies. These rivers offer a hair-raising descent requiring good technique and a high level of fitness. However, white water canoeing can be learnt at any age. In addition, the Jura Mountains have some ad hoc facilities, such as the white water course in Lavancia and a slalom basin on the River Bienne, which is renowned as a national training centre. There is another at Goumois on the Doubs between France and Switzerland.

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