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Where the Fly Rules

Imagine a beautiful spring morning in the Jura Mountains. The air is still fresh, and an early misty veil slowly lifts from the surrounding meadows. The river peacefully slips by beneath a fisherman’s feet while downstream, the surface of the water is disturbed by a few rocks. He studies the river – its crevices, bends, dips and mysteries – before he selects the fly that is bound to tempt one of the brown trout that live here. This will be a gripping struggle but it is an everyday occurrence to witness or admire in the valleys of the Doubs, the Loue, the Dessoubre, the Cuisance, the Ain, the Saine, the Bienne, the Valserine and the Albarine.


Fishing in Calm Waters

Beyond the white waters, the Jura Mountains are also home to lakes. Zoom in on Saint-Point and Vouglans. Here you can fish for anything but trout. A small boat is perfect and can be hired locally. The Lac de Saint-Point extends over 7.2 km, measures 800 m across and up to 43 metres in depth. This is one of the few places where you will find European whitefish (also called lavaret or fera). Here, there is plenty to whet the appetite of the most experienced fishermen…

Perched at an altitude of 430 m, the Lac de Vouglans winds through 35 km of the Jura massif and covers an area of 1,600 hectares. Created when the River Ain was dammed in 1968, it is renowned across Europe for its fishing. From Pont-de-Poite in the far north of the lake to Port du Meix, the campsite area for Surchauffant, the authorised fishing area teems with carp, pike and zander.

Farther south in the Ain, the lakes of Nantua and Sylans are also guaranteed to delight those looking for a big catch.

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