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It’s Summer! Jump Straight in!


Delights of the Lakes …

Saint-Point, ChalainClairvauxVouglansGenin and Nantua, from the north to the south of the mountain range, the blue waters of our lakes just invite you to go for a swim. From well-maintained beaches with a lively atmosphere to the wilder, more unspoilt ones, there is something for everyone just a short distance away from the towns and resorts. As a result, you can escape the summer crowds and relax a few hours or for all day, lazing by the water’s edge with a picnic and some beach games. Thanks to the limestone environment and the fine weather conditions typical of the Jura Mountains, the lakes have crystal-clear water and surprisingly mild temperatures.


… And Flowing Water

Flowing water is going to be cold, without a doubt. So just dip your toes into the river. Still, the appeal of clear waters splashing over rocks and banks, flowing over the stones and between the trees is completely irresistible in summer. So when the good weather returns, the meadows bordering the Doubs, Dessoubre, Loue, Lison, Cuisance, Ain, Bienne, Saine, Valserine and Rhône, as well as its canal host many a beach towel and picnic rug. Will you bring yours this summer?

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