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Rifle shooting + cross-country skiing = biathlon

Effort and Concentration

Just like with ski jumping, who hasn’t ever trembled with excitement while watching the formidable challenges posed by biathlon on television? The physical performance of these unconventional skiers is admirable and its not unusual to hold your breath as they shoot. It has been an Olympic sport since 1960 and has grown in popularity in recent years, thanks in particular to the discipline’s champions. Champions are born here in our Jura Mountains, and inspire many to learn and train in an activity which nowadays is accessible to everyone.


Like a Champion

There are now numerous ski schools and specialist providers offering introductory and more advanced training in biathlon. A properly groomed cross-country circuit and a firing point is all you need in terms of infrastructure. The pros will equip you with a laser rifle and give you advice as and when you need it. And that’s all you need to experience the thrill of the great French biathlon champions. Sandrine Bailly, Florence Baverel, Vincent Defrasne and now the next generation, Fred Jean, Quentin Fillon Maillet, Anaïs Bescond et Perrine Blanc, were all born here or have adopted the area as their home. The Jura Mountains offer them an area where they can train and compete which is suitable for their level of skill; it’s a world-record-breaking one!

So don’t delay – come and learn the sport or test your skills against these records, in particular at the Plans d’Hotonnes International Biathlon Stadium, on the Plateau du Retord.


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