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Nordic Pack


Apprentice Musher

“Here is your team: Anka, Baltic, Bernie and Calypso. These are powerful but calm dogs… you’ll see, everything will be alright. Put your feet here, on the runners, and let yourself be guided – they will naturally follow my sled in front. I’ll lay down the track. On the climbs, you get off the sled and push. Then, once the dogs are at the top of the hill, you get back on the runners and make sure you don’t go too fast!” Here’s me mushing one day. What an adventure! The dogs are eager to get going. They are growling, pawing at the ground and barking. Finally, it’s time. They shake themselves off, take their places in the pack and rush forward. I immediately feel an incredible gliding sensation. Valleys, wooded undergrowth, vales… the icing-sugar landscape flicks past at high speed. In this incredible silence, the great whiteness makes the runners of my sled sing.



The emotion felt on encountering the huskies and the tremendous sense of freedom provided by such a ride can also be interpreted as a baptism of discovery. Sitting on a large sled pulled by 8 or more dogs and led by an expert, the conditions are ideal to enjoy the sumptuous backdrops of the Jura Mountains and to glide, glide, glide … For enthusiasts, the local providers have designed runs lasting several days, with nights in bivouacs and nomadic habitats. Decidedly polar.

Whether it’s in La Pesse, in the Watch-making Country, Haut-Doubs or on the Plateau du Retord, give in to the temptation of a “Far North” adventure.


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