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Snowshoes for Exploring

Snow has covered the Jura landscapes. From valleys to crests, from summits to forests, the landscape has switched to winter mode and a Nordic atmosphere. The urge to tread through this great white mass and to leave your mark is irresistible. Snowshoes provide precisely this type of freedom. Dare to explore and venture off the beaten track. All around us, nature is silent and calm, as if numbed by the winter, but make no mistake; there is still life out there. Besides, others before us have left their mark – a rabbit, a deer, a bird… From Haut-Doubs to the Plans d’Hotonnes, from the majestic Combe des Cives Valley next to Chapelle-des-Bois to a wilder one at Berbois, around La Pesse and right up to the Retord plateau, snowshoes are a must.



Accessible to Everyone

The snow crunches under the snowshoes and shines like a thousand diamonds under the sun. The snow has settled in a thick layer, but thanks to the mesh, you won’t sink. It’s as if you’re weightless. The descents are done at a slide, while the uphill sections slow the pace and give you the chance to take a break. Contemplation. When wearing snowshoes, a walk often takes a playful turn. Depending on the route, the duration and the altitude, with or without walking poles, snowshoe walks suit all groups of people and create unforgettable memories. Even more irresistible, try a night walk near Les Rousses, Métabief or from the Monts-Jura resort, for example. A head torch and the moonlight add to the magic…


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