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An Exciting Art Museum

Le musée de l’Abbaye in Saint-Claude displays the collection bequeathed by artists G. Bardone et R. Genis. Paintings from the 20th century are arranged in a building with some ingenious architecture that simultaneously allows you to enjoy the landscape and showcases the artworks on display. Representing French painting from the 1920’s to 1960’s, several artists follow on from Bonnard, Les Nabis and other painters affiliated with the Paris School. There are two outstanding sculptures by Auguste Rodin and Germaine Richier in the gardens. Here you can also enjoy a splendid view of the town before continuing the tour.


A Wealth of Surprises Underground

Underneath the museum lie archaeological remains, proof of the religious significance of Saint-Claude in the 6th century, when the town was a place of high pilgrimage. Here you can see the great cloister connecting the ancient abbey to Saint Claude cathedral, and two chapels.


A Museum with Something for Every Audience

The museum caters to everyone’s needs, from the simply curious to art enthusiasts to families. Guided tours, practical art workshops, children’s play books – there really is something for everyone. Temporary exhibitions and concerts are held regularly.

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