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Located in Poligny in the heart of the Jura Mountains is the Maison du Comté, a must-visit site on your trip to the Jura. It is worth remembering that Comté is one of the four AOC cheeses produced in the mountains, together with Bleu de Gex, Mont d’Or and Morbier. This pressed cooked cheese made with raw milk is exclusively produced in the Jura Mountains. It is a great source of pride to the mountain locals.


The Maison du Comté provides an entertaining way to learn about the production stages of this world-renowned cheese, loved for its unique taste. Whenever you visit, discover the area and its charms. You can also try to discover the secrets of how this cheese is made, from the prairie to the ripening cellars. The tasting session at the end of the tour is when visitors of all ages can discover the different flavours of Comté, from the mildest to the fruitier versions.


In short, the Maison du Comté in Poligny is the starting point along the Routes du Comté, which will bring you into contact with the many different people involved in the production of this fabulous cheese.


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