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Pasteur: A Man with Roots

Born in 1822 in DoleLouis Pasteur then settled in Arbois. A brilliant student, Pasteur would go on to become a respected scientist working on a variety of projects. In Arbois, nowadays the capital of Jura wines, Pasteur worked tirelessly to assist his friends the winegrowers. In particular, he studied fermentation of wines and perfected pasteurisation – a means of preservation still in use today. However, it was his work on a vaccine for rabies that made his name, after he saved a young shepherd from a dog bite.


A House Left Untouched

The Maison de Louis Pasteur, which he fixed up over the years, now belongs to the Fondation de l’Académie des Sciences. It is open to the public for visits. The house has been left as it was, even down to Pasteur’s choice of decor, including wallpaper, furniture and common objects. During the guided tour, you can see and imagine the life led by Pasteur in Arbois and visit his laboratory. The house was designated as a “Maison des Illustres” (Home of the Famous) along with the Château de Voltaire in Ferney Voltaire.


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