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An Authentic Museum

Founded in 1988, the open air Musée des Maisons Comtoises, covers 15 hectares, exhibiting the diverse rural dwellings of this region. Taken down from their original locations before being reassembled in Nancray, the 27 homes come from all over the Comté area, and a walk through this open air museum provides the opportunity to discover the typical residences of the Jura Mountains. Visit a pyramidal chimney farmhouse, typical of the Haut-Doubs, a traditional farm or a granary from the Haut Jura.


 A Genuine Historical Account

Each house has been rebuilt exactly. Inside, there is period furniture which tells us something of the living conditions of our ancestors, their handicrafts and culinary habits, and more. Dating from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, each residence gives a unique account of a way of life. Around the buildings, it is normal to see animals roaming freely. In fact, the museum is helping to preserve rare breeds of old domesticated animals.


Activities for All

A series of events are held throughout the year, as much for children (hut building, close-up nature study) as for parents (baking in the baker’s oven, old-fashioned preservation methods)

To add to this, there are also skills demonstrations, tastings of local produce and topical guided tours.


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